Sunday, July 6, 2008


Here is another block that I finished over the weekend. It is called "Sorrow" row 2, block 1. It has a total of 43 pieces in it. It wasn't a hard block but they all seem to take alot of time for me.

I haven't worked on this quilt any today, but hopefully, after my nap, I will feel like starting on another block!

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neen said...

Kristie, your blocks are coming out soooooo beautiful! After hearing from you, I went to and ordered all three of Rosemary Youngs' books. I just got the 2 Civil War ones today. They, I must say, are way more interesting than the Amish one. I have some family events to get past, this summer, and then I am hoping to hop right into this. Although paper piecing is NOT my forte, I signed up with Carol Doak, in the fall, to finally conquer this hatred. (she guarantees that when I leave her class, I will enjoy paper piecing. This I HAVE to see!!! LOL)

Keep up the good work. We are still looking at property in KY, for next summer. Any available around the lake?

Thank you for helping me!